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I am Monica Blake and I would like to help you become healthier and happier! Despite a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis accompanied by the prediction of likely ending up in a wheelchair, I discovered Pilates and left that possibility far behind. With 19 years of diverse Pilates experience and a full certification in comprehensive and advanced mat and apparatus training from BASI Pilates (Body Arts & Sciences International), I am the only instructor in the world that has endured 2 total knee replacements and a knee revision.

I find great satisfaction in assisting students in learning the repertoire of exercises and how to assimilate Pilates into everyday life. There is great intrinsic reward for me in teaching an informative Pilates class that helps you learn how to really use your body to get strong, toned and flexible. I am constantly amazed at the progress my clients continue to achieve at any age with this amazing mind and body workout.

Additionally, I hold a certification for the Arthritis Foundations Exercise Program and Tai Chi Program. In 2010, Assemblywoman Carol Lui selected me as Pasadena’s Most Inspiring Business Woman. I left a very successful human resources executive level corporate career to not only pursue Pilates but to also start my own life, career and executive coaching business. My professional coaching expertise in partnering with people to create the life they want most for themselves, successfully finds it’s way into my Pilates studio. I must say that despite the obstacles I have faced, I have achieved some incredible accomplishments. It is my hope to be a valuable asset to any one facing a physical, personal or professional challenge in their life.

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