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"I love Monica's Pilates classes because she is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and very methodical! I really appreciate how she details exactly what is occurring in your body (or what needs to occur in your body) as you perform each exercise. By doing so she brings your consciousness to the bodies' core to strengthen it which is the key to success in Pilates! I have seen and felt my body become more flexible and my posture truly improve with Pilates. I highly recommend Monica, an excellent teacher, if you want to live a healthier life!

much love,

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"Monica is an excellent instructor. She projects her voice, provides clear directions and is very knowledgeable in Pilates. She explains the benefits of the moves and provides options for your current level of ability and modifications for possible physical limitations. While it’s a great workout, I also find the class to be gentle on my body and relaxing physically and mentally. Monica is an amazing person and an encouraging instructor. I highly recommend her Mat Pilates Class."

Joyce from Chicago (Zoom Class)

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Working with Monica Blake at her private Pilates Studio for over a year has been a very rewarding experience for me. I am a pediatrician with a very busy and hectic schedule. I wanted a Pilates instructor who was both well trained and could gage my needs while readjusting my individual program as needed. The private class is in a lovely zen setting which allows me to have a space to work out, clear my mind and certainly reduce stress. Her studio is well equipped with all the tools of Pilates so your workout can easily be changed-up

Monica has a unique way of constantly challenging your "core" while encouraging your soul.

It is so appreciated!

Jean C. Lauricella M.D.

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"I started going to Pilates with Monica because of a complication from a surgical procedure and my doctor thought Pilates would help. From my first session with Monica I knew she had special gifts as an instructor that others rarely possess. She has a keen sense of how to positively deal with the roller coaster of emotional and physical highs and lows of clients who live daily with debilitating complications. Her knowledge of Pilates is so astute that she can tell whether a client is working correctly or not while at the same time gently suggesting ways to improve the exercise or position to maximize one's efforts. And since Monica herself has a disability there are no excuses for not staying focused on one's health and Pilates practice as a way of staying healthy, strong and emotionally grounded. Monica has a God given talent and I'm very fortunate to be a client."


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"For me, Monica Blake’s Pilates has been the answer to fifteen years of intermittent back issues. I never required surgery but my history of visits to various orthopedic and neurologic doctors was long and frequent. The treatment prescribed included back braces, cortisone shots, epidurals, physical therapy and pills for pain. My last back episode was over three years ago. At the conclusion of the prescribed physical therapy, I started Pilates with Monica. She appreciated and understood my condition and we worked progressively to strengthen my core. Within a few months, I added bicycling to my regimen and gained the strength and conditioning to ride my bike across Iowa on a seven day, 450 mile ride. Pilates as taught by Monica has been kind to my back and I have not seen a doctor since! It has been over three years!"

John H.

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Monica Blake is an exceptional Pilates instructor because she is able to correctly assess the capability of each individual and construct a series of exercises that can be performed safely. Frequently, Pilates instructors do not know how to approach a person with arthritis related knee, hip or low back pain.

Her program is particularly useful for both pre-operative and post-operative joint surgery patients.

My history is an example of this. Several years ago I had one hip replaced, at the time I was not performing Pilates. Then, I had the other hip replaced but this time I had been doing Pilates before the surgery. My pain levels, muscle strength, and ability to ambulate were vastly improved following Pilates. I would highly recommend Pilates for overall strength conditioning, to assist with weight loss, and to prepare patients for joint surgery. I have referred patients to Monica Blake with excellent results.

Paulette Y. Saddler, M.D.FACP

Clinical Asst. Prof. of Family Medicine, USC Keck School of Medicine

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"When I met Monica five years ago I mentioned to her I heard Pilates was wonderful but I could not do it because of a bad knee. She encouraged me to try Pilates and told me about her knee challenges. It took a debilitating vertigo attack 6 months later to convince me I needed to do something to increase my balance and strength. Monica was the answer.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Monica in her state of the art studio and have seen a transformation of my body. Her expertise on Pilates and career as a Life Coach are a wonderful combination in encouraging one to work to their full potential.

Thank you Monica."


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"I am an Interior Designer in the Pasadena area and my job requires me to be youthful and energetic. I have been taking Pilates with Monica Blake for 7 years and her workouts have enhanced my energy, my lifestyle and my emotional well-being. I am always getting compliments on how great my figure looks giving me confidence to tackle the world. I feel healthy and alive everyday!"

Jennifer M.

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