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Fitness for the Twenty-First Century

Pilates is a series of carefully performed movements offering invaluable improvements in your physical and mental condition: good circulation, deep healthy breathing, and increased lung capacity, strength and flexibility, healthy bones and joints, improved posture, balance and coordination, a strong abdomen and powerful core, energy, stamina and stress relief, reduction of body “aches and paints”, and prevention of re-injury of damaged muscles and joints and the list goes on. With or without equipment, Pilates exercises are designed to utilize your body as part of your resistance training program.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Pilates stretches, tones, and improves the balance of the human body

  • Pilates also improves bone density and eases arthritis

  • Pilates is all about gently stretching your body to increase flexibility and strength

  • Enhances "core" strength and flexibility in muscles of the abdomen, back and legs

  • Increases lung capacity and circulation through deep, healthy breathing

  • Improves posture, balance, agility, economy of motion, bone density and joint health

  • Helps prevent sports-related injuries by promoting muscular balance

  • Creates positive body awareness

Basic Pilates Reformer/Tower/Wunda Chair
Beginners will utilize the Pilates Reformer and Wundu Chair to tone every major muscle group as well as the abs and core musculature. The instruction methodology directs special attention to proper execution, bio-mechanics, alignment and symmetry so that you leave the class feeling rejuvenated, balanced and energized.

Intermediate-Advanced Reformer/Tower/Wunda Chair
Adding an increased level of difficulty to Pilates Reformer and Chair exercises at an increased pace serves the intermediate to advanced Pilates student well. The Pilates Tower workout adds another level of challenge and development to the Pilates workouts. The Tower, with its springs, bars and loops, add more exercise variations allowing the client to have a greater sense of whether he or she is stabilizing and moving with proper alignment and control.

Basic Mat Pilates
Beginners will learn the fundamentals of Classical Pilates exercises performed on a Pilates mat. The variety in Mat Pilates insures a total body workout that strengthens and flattens the core, tones and stretches the hip, thigh, shoulder and leg muscles. Modifications and variations are taught so that each student can experience the workout that is best for them.

Intermediate Mat Pilates
For the more advanced student, this class is designed to use the body’s own opposition to correct muscular imbalances caused by everyday life and its repetitive patterns. With the increased level of difficulty, emphasis on flow, and slightly faster pace moves, core strengthening, ab-flattening, increased flexibility and endurance happen more quickly.

Auxiliary Equipment
The studio has a full complement of auxiliary equipment including spine corrector, ladder barrel, bosu ball, foam rollers, jump board, rotator disc, magic circles and fitness and stability balls.

Pilates (or CoreAlign) equipment by Balanced Body.

What is Pilates?: Welcome
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